Melton Court care home

Melton Court care home takeover and registration by CQC confirmed. New owner Mauricare Ltd Salim Boodhoo which owns 8 care homes across UK — Andy Kershaw (@andyksheffield)

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3 Responses to Melton Court care home

  1. R.Wilde says:

    Have a read at this:

    Take note of the date of the visit by RMBC’s Contract & Quality Assurance Team. If the previous owner was imprisoned in 2010, how come they state on pages 10-11 ” The manager and the owner meet daily with staff, residents and relatives and are able to resolve issues immediately if required.”, when they visited on 20/10/11 & 04/11/11?

    Genuine mistake, or do they make it all up as they go along?

  2. R.Wilde says:

    P.S Congratulations to the staff and residents of Melton Court, they must have gone through hell these past few weeks. I’m glad a resolution has been found and I wish them well for Christmas and the New Year.

  3. Thanks for your comments, R Wilde.
    Perhaps it was a mistake as you say, but unfortunately more than likely not.

    Best wishes to all at Melton Court, staff and residents. Let’s hope that the new owner provides long term peace of mind for everyone concerned.

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