Thanks Cerberus for that precise report and questioning of this completely disgraceful affair in which many members of RMBC , elected and appointed, have not explained themselves.
Where are the explanations and accounts from Mahrouf Hussein himself – the member responsible for and remunerated for “Community Cohesion” ?
Where is the “Leader” Roger Stone ? Still hiding in the town hall and being ferried to and from the doorstep so as to limit contact with the public indefinitely ?
Where is “Deputy Leader” JahanghIr Akhtar and his taxi driving colleagues who are reported as connected to this situation ?


Meanwhile, RMBC Press Office posts a colourful sunrise over Boston Castle – Hussein’s ward – on Twitter…
Diversionary tactics like this don’t work, RMBC !

Rotherham Politics

Time for change?

Without any shadow of a doubt one of the most pathetic explanations of why a council failed to act and protect children as young as 12 years old from rape you could ever witness.
With Champion the towns new MP and Stone sat in the public seats, Kimber and Thacker tried miserably to defend the indefensible.
The apology came nowhere near the full and frank omission that this council failed so many vulnerable children.
Having the paper records of who knew what and when may inform the debate, it will not  explain why when provided with intelligence from children on who was abusing them the council used the politically correct words, community cohesion to influence their inadequate response to protecting these children.
Champion in her media interviews took the party line, that was history, lessons have been learned, the council is moving on, really, so why have…

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