Kevin Barron responds to criticism in Rotherham Advertiser

Can hardly believe it – responses from our Kev and his daughter both in one day ! 

OK, so Kev’s response is not a reply to my email, but it’s a response to members of the public and we in Rother Valley need to be grateful for small mercies where the Barron’s and the Labour Party are concerned. The letter on page 8 of today’s Advertiser responds to three letters that were in last week’s paper. The comments on the 3rd letter from Michael Conlon, is of particular interest to maltbyblogger.

Kevin says ” … it is unclear what Mr Conlon means ” by saying that Maltby colliery closed in1984 in many people’s eyes. It is perfectly clear to us ordinary folk what Mr Conlon means and for Kevin Barron to suggest that it is not is just another example of how far removed he is from the people of Maltby.

His reply to what is going to happen regarding the slag heap is to say that it “can be found in planning law. It is to be partially restored and landscaped”   What planning law ? Where is this written ? And what  is meant by partially restored ? What’s going to happen to the other bit that’s not ?  A poor attempt to denigrate your constituents, Kevin !

Why Mr Conlon or anyone else might be interested to know about countries “in the old Eastern European Block” and what the relevance to Maltby is, is anyone’s guess.

At least our MP says he accepts criticism  – from time to time – even if it’s ” inaccurate and unbalanced”. Well, he ought to know inaccurate and unbalanced when he sees it. It is the way that he and most of his MP colleagues operate.

And finally, he wishes the readers of the Advertiser a Happy New Year. Why not ensure that we in Rother Valley do have a happy new year, Mr Barron ? Just resign and let’s have an MP who really does want the best for their constituents – if there is such a person.



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1 Response to Kevin Barron responds to criticism in Rotherham Advertiser

  1. D.Chambers says:

    well i dont know about the Eastern Block but maybe cracks are appearing in the iron curtain between us and the Barons? then again could be just Scotsbloc

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