“Lack of Prosecutions Criticised by Select Committee”

All credit to Gareth Dennison’s report “Lack of Prosecutions Criticised by Select Committee” page 7 this week’s Advertiser. An accurate an unbiased account of what was said at the committee hearing.

But what a feeling of little less than revulsion I felt after turning onto page 90 to read the District News. Below the Maltby and Treeton reports, a picture of Joyce Thacker in between the head boy and head girl of Wath Comprehensive School, the Chair of Governors and Head Teacher completing the picture.
Thacker apparently was the guest speaker at the school’s Y13 annual presentation evening, held recently.
Joyce Thacker should have been sacked along with Kimber long ago, not now posing with children and school representatives whose colleagues and peers have been so appallingly let down by her and her department.

Bad show Rotherham Advertiser for having this picture in this week.
Hope Wath Comprehensive School choose their guest speakers more wisely in future.

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2 Responses to “Lack of Prosecutions Criticised by Select Committee”

  1. R.Wilde says:


    They are prosecuting them elsewhere but not here in Rotherham, perhaps we’re a special case?

  2. Yes we are a special case- we are unfortunate to have Kimber and Thacker in positions of responsibility !

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