Latest News – from Maltby Town Council

“Latest News

  • In an emergency call 999
  • When it’s a non-emergency call 101

In an emergency:

999 – Call if life is at risk or a crime is in progress

999 (SMS) – ONLY if you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired. Anyone misusing the number will have their phone disabled.

Important: You will only be able to use this service if you have registered with Emergency SMS first. To register text ‘register’ to 999, you will receive a reply – follow the instructions sent. For more information please see this brochure.

Once registered your mobile can be used to send an SMS 999 in the event of an emergency. After providing a few brief details on the text, the emergency service will either ask for more information or state that help is on its way.


101 – For general enquiries or to report a crime that is no longer happening.

18001 101 (text phone) – If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired.

07786 220 022 (SMS) – If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired.

0800 555 111 – To give information to Crimestoppers anonymously”

Confused ? Thinking that you’ve clicked on a link for the police by mistake ? 

Don’t worry, this is what Maltby Town Council class as “Latest News” on their website. Now I am sure that most of us who make up the electorate of Maltby know  to dial 999 , or even 101 if we want  to contact the police. We might even have looked on South Yorkshire Police’s website.

What we do expect under “Latest News” on MTC website is … erm..latest news from Maltby Town Council ?

Agendas and Minutes, as we know are not up to date and there is no response from either the clerk or any of the councillors when these are requested. 

But surely it’s not too much to expect “News” such as a vacancy for a councillor for Maltby Town Council to be on there ? Especially when the closing date for requests for an election is 25th January

One might almost think that Maltby Town Council are trying to keep this vacancy quiet. Why ever would they want to do that ?

More on this vacancy on forthcoming post.



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