Profile of a Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner – South Yorks

Can anyone find any reference to Cllr Tracey Cheetham – new Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner’s – experience with anything connected to police and criminal matters ? Or maybe that’s not the experience that’s needed ?(apart from Dan Jarvis’ “interest” in policing, that is 🙂  )

“Shaun Wright, the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Tracey Cheetham as the region’s Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner. 

The Police and Crime Panel is required to hold a confirmation hearing to consider this proposed appointment, and will advise the Commissioner of its recommendation in due course. Tracey brings with her not only valuable experience of working as a Councillor, but an equally  valuable regional and national outlook currently as constituency manager for Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, Dan Jarvis MP, whose interests include policing.

Commissioner Wright said:

“There were several candidates for the post, each exhibiting their own individual strengths and suitabilities for the position.

“However, it was felt that Tracey’s exceptional and publicly-acknowledged leadership abilities, relationship building and project management would add great value to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

“Pending the Police and Crime Panel’s ratification, I hope to officially confirm the appointment in due course.”   “


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