Sarah Champion’s £45,502 spend … What an insult to the people of Rotherham !

£114 on gas for balloons   – bring on the “hot air” comments 

£100 on rosettes – red rose/ donkey /pin ?

£18 on 3 bags of nails and a hammer  – for what ? “Nailing” the election ? 

£2495 on phone calls and ‘costs’

£1066 on office supplies (did she not know about Poundland ?)

£985 on people carrier hire

£14,973 on staffing 

£5741 on postal voting charges (presume that’s prepaid envelopes ?) 

and £7511 on  some accommodation costs for students, volunteers, MPs and party staff making a total spend on her election campaign £45,502

(mb has to now have a short lie down in order to recover from this revelation. Might need therapy. Info from Rotherham Advertiser. Comments welcome )

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