Rotherham people rate their job prospects

Interesting poll from Advertiser :

” Rate your job prospects  

Poll Results

Hundreds of people are said to be chasing after job vacancies when they are advertised in Rotherham. How would you rate your chances on the job market?


Excellent. My skills are in demand. – 17.3%

Good.. But there’s a lot of competition. – 29.5%


Slim. It’s difficult to stand out from everybody else. – 22.3%


None. I’m on the scrapheap. – 30.9%   “

The poll does not ask for any details of yourself before you vote – other than presumably that you have read  the Advertiser – so we can’t tell from these results how wide ranging the voters are. Area, age, current employment status etc are all indicators of how voters see themselves.
Today’s news tells us that the unemployment rate in the UK went down 37,000 between September and November 2012, to £2.49m
How many of these people now have a real job as opposed to a temporary or casual one, or one that  promises a permanent one  that never materialises is not reported.
It would be interesting to do this same poll in Maltby to see how the view’s here compare to Rotherham as a whole.
(My vote fell into the 30.9 % category, but that is a story in itself)
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