Response from Deputy Leader of RMBC, on Child Sexual Exploitation

Unverified statement from the Deputy Leader Cllr Jahangir Akhtar 

(Unverified for the simple reason that Cllr Jahangir Akhtar fails to respond to maltbyblogger by email or telephone and has blocked mb from his Twitter account)


The training session held on the 5th December was the first of a number which were due to be repeated early in 2013. Three more sessions have now been arranged for dates in February and March when its anticipated the remaining councillors will attend one of these sessions.

The sessions will be delivered jointly by the Manager of The RMBC sexual exploitation team and SY Police. The training is designed to be interactive and allow time for questions and debate so is best delivered in small groups of around 16 participants. There was never any intention of delivering this type of “training” to a room of 63 members at one go and it was always our intention to deliver this type of training in the way described above … …”

Hang on a minute. Haven’t we read this somewhere before ? Why yes, it is the same text as was in the response from Cllr Maggie Godfrey regarding Child Sexual Exploitation training !

Now, either Godfrey got it from Akhtar or vice versa, or their great minds think exactly alike. No response from Maggie Godfrey – or any of the other councillors – as to the “training” content  so we might presume that a script has been produced for councillors to trot out  to those annoying members of the electorate who keep bothering them with questions and requests for information. If this is the casethen Cllrs C Beaumont, L Donaldson, L Astbury, A Rushforth and J Andrews must not think it appropriate to reply to maltbyblogger using this. 

Continuing to wait for further details to ’emerge’. 

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