Perceptions of danger in Rotherham not justified ? Lifestyle survey 2012

Rotherham Secondary School Lifestyle Survey, 2012 Borough Wide Report

“Perceptions of danger in public places are not justified by local crime statistics”  says Rotherham Council’s Steve Parry of the crime and anti-social behaviour team.

 “Compared with 14 similar towns across England and Wales, Rotherham is in fact the third best for violent crime, making it a relatively safe place to live and learn” (assume that by this he means  third ‘best’ for the least crime)

The Lifestyle survey  of 11-15yr olds by Rotherham council and police shows that  5 out of 6 high school students feel unsafe in Rotherham town centre, 83% when waiting for a bus and 79% feel threatened when travelling on them. 

The survey reports some very disturbing figures for Rotherham regarding alcohol, drugs, criminal (anti social) behaviour and attitudes. Chief Inspector Richard Butterworth is studying the report along with RMBC members, including  Cllr Paul Lakin – Cabinet Member for Children, Young people and Families Services.

The document can be downloaded here

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3 Responses to Perceptions of danger in Rotherham not justified ? Lifestyle survey 2012

  1. R.Wilde says:

    I caught a snippet on the news about the disparity between the amount of crimes reported to the Police and the amount of crimes actually recorded by them: If this is happening in Rotherham then the above figures from RMBC may be misleading. Not that I’m for one minute suggesting it’s deliberate, of course 🙂

  2. sheepshaun says:

    Rubbish survey. Even on the drugs section it’s stated “the results are questionable” and they certainly look it. I agree with the statement about Rotherham being relatively safe – all across the borough I feel safe and in the town centre I do too. I do think things are starting to worsen though.

  3. I agree. The figures are probably misleading- which most statistics are depending on the context. Are you in the age group that the survey concentrated on SS ? It would be good to have some direct views from young people.
    ( being “relatively safe” doesn’t particularly make me feel ok 🙂 )

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