Kevin Barron on Rented Housing Problems

Good to see our Rother Valley MP has some thoughts and ideas on Rented Housing Problems (Well, he would, wouldn’t he ? 🙂

“The lack of decent, affordable housing in the Rother Valley is a huge issue; yet the Government has cut the budget for building new affordable homes by 60 per cent.   

There has been a massive increase in the number of people who rent their homes privately, including more than one million families with children, but there has also been a rise in problems with renting. 
Whilst estate agents can be banned for bad practice, lettings agents are not subject to the same complaints and redress procedures. 
I would like to see the introduction of a national register of landlords as well as local authorities granted greater powers to root out and strike off rogue landlords. This would make it easier for local authorities to tackle rogue landlords found to have broken the rules. A system could also be provided for people to get redress when a lettings agent has ripped them off, just like we have for estate agents. “
Good stuff, Kevin !  There’s been a few ‘rogue landlords’ in Maltby over the years so this sounds like a great plan.
How about some redress for your constituents who are ‘ripped off’  by their MP and Maltby Town Council on a regular basis ?
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5 Responses to Kevin Barron on Rented Housing Problems

  1. D.Chambers says:

    well it was Labour who opened the floodgates to 10 million immigrants, it will probably be labour who build a million new houses on our green belts to accomodate them, typical strategy really, create the crisis and then propose unavoidable if painful solutions

  2. How cynical ! Or maybe more a case of knowing the antics of the Labour Party.
    When the governments advert comes out telling Romanians and Bulgarians that UK is not paradise there might be less people on the housing list.

  3. Joe Robinson says:

    If the “honourable” member for Rothervally had cared to look more closely he may have noticed that the cencus results show that actually the population in the area has significantly fallen, with around 4000 people leaving maltby alone in the last 10 years. Rather than talking about homes his efforts would be better focused on making sure that people still want to live around here. Crime is on the rise, wages are falling and jobs are a rare commodity to young working class people who can’t even go into further education any more. We have many problems in the Rothervally and in Maltby but clearly “corrupt Ken” is out of touch with the people he should represent.

  4. Well said Joe Robinson. You are absolutely correct in saying that Kev (typo I think in your comment 🙂 ) is out of touch with people. He is obviously trying to get further away from them by selling his house too ! Many of us are very disillusioned about Matby’s prospects and our MP isn’t interested in ordinary folk. An election for a new MP can’t come to soon either for RotherVallley.

  5. Well Kevin would know all about ‘renting’ wouldn’t he? Being a keen renter himself, rentswapping with his mate he could tell us all a tale or two. Mind we’d probably get locked up for doing what he did!

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