Kevin Barron opens Rotherham Obesity Conference’s-way-of-tackling-obesity-AT-rotherham-new-york-stadium/

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4 Responses to Kevin Barron opens Rotherham Obesity Conference

  1. R.Wilde says:

    He’s being a busy lad this week isn’t he?

  2. Seems so ! Am still trying to find out what he actually said at the conference. Maybe he just declared the conference open and cut a red ribbon 🙂

  3. Obesity, smoking – whatever next ? Perhaps a call for a booze ban for plebs. Oh perhaps not Kev likes a drop or two himself – that would never do!!

  4. It would be fine for him I think anne – “for plebs” being the key words. Our Kev wouldn’t ever imagine himself to be in that category.

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