In search of Agendas – Maltby Town Council

Yesterday, I sent this mail to Maltby Town Council

Dear  Clerk and Maltby Town Council,

Would you please provide me with a list of the forthcoming planned meetings of Maltby Town Council and it’s sub-committees with dates and venues. Also please provide me with the Agenda for the next meeting.

Please also inform me which meetings have been held since 10th January 2013 as this is the latest to be showing on the website. 

Please acknowledge receipt of this email.
There was no reply but today, miraculously, the Agenda for last night’s meeting appeared on MTC website. 
Why would you post and Agenda for a meeting after the meeting has been held ?
Strange …
I have written again today 
Dear Ann Stewart (Clerk) Cllr J Carratt (Chair) and Maltby Town Council

 I refer to my email to you (below) sent yesterday 4th February and to which you have not responded.
I see that today the 5th February, an Agenda has been posted on MTC website, dated 21st January 2013 for a meeting to be held on 4th February – yesterday. This appears to be signed and dated 3rd February 2012 yet was not available to the public until after the meeting. 
This document does not have a date for the next meeting of MTC, neither is there an Agenda for the meeting held 17th January on the website.
It is of great concern that the lack of Agendas and Minutes for MTC meetings is occurring quite regularly. The minutes of previous meetings never seem to be available to the public until after they have been discussed and agreed on as a true record. In the interests of openness, honesty and transparency, which I am sure Maltby Town Council strives for, would you please address this issue and put it as an Agenda Item on the next available Agenda.
Would you please also address the issues sent to you yesterday with haste, and acknowledge receipt of this email.
This was sent late in the day so I would not expect a reply yet. Mind you, I am not expecting a reply tomorrow or any time in the near future either, but it would be a pleasant surprise, if it happened without having to resort to FOI’s.
Did anyone apart from councillors attend last night’s meeting or even see an Agenda before hand ?
Be interesting to know. 
mb will try to keep readers informed.
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3 Responses to In search of Agendas – Maltby Town Council

  1. R.Wilde says:

    On the homepage it says “Agendas for future meetings will be displayed on this website on our Minutes and Agenda page a few days prior to the meeting date.” That’s a fail then. As of 6/2/2013 there is still no mention of the forthcoming election anywhere on the site (fail), still photos of Christmas up on the main page (fail), and still no link to Maltby south on the Councillors page (fail). The History page is blank, yet if memory serves one of the councillors is chair of Maltby Historical Society (fail). Not doing too good at this keeping us informed business, are they?

  2. If all those “fails” added up to getting a whole new council, that would be good. But unfortunately it doesn’t. All we can do is continue to point out the indiscrepancies and hope that some time soon these will get sorted out. mb has been aiming for this for the last six years …

    Don’t know about a councillor being chair of Maltby History Society – perhaps you could name them ?
    We are all for openness and transparency after all !

  3. R.Wilde says:

    Apologies, that’s me getting names mixed up (fail, lol :))

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