Curiouser and Curiouser – ISofA Day 4 plus a bit more …

It never rains but it pours, as the saying goes.

Just as sheepshaun kindly posted the awaited Agenda for tonight’s MTC meeting … …  mb received an email from Ann Stewart  (Clerk and Financial Officer) with an Agenda attached.

Whether this is coincidence or not, it was pleasing to now have 2 copies of the Agenda to refer to. 

But hang on, the attached was not an Agenda for 7th February’s meeting, but for a 

” Maltby Town Council Meeting to be held at 6.30pm   onThursday 7th March 2013 in the Edward Dunn Memorial Hall, Tickhill Road, Maltby” 
It confirmed that there is to be a meeting on 21st February (the minutes of this yet to be held meeting are to be confirmed on 7th March) 
It turns out that the clerk had attached a draft copy of March’s meeting, in error and “in haste”.
I am assured that they “will endeavour to ensure that agendas are available in the future and you will be able to download a copy “.
Well, we all make mistakes, especially in haste and I’ll readily admit to that.
But there are a number of further issues that have now come about – and that’s without the issues from the original enquiry that have not been addressed. There is also the same old response about minutes of a previous meeting not being available before they are confirmed at the current meeting, when we know – and they know- that if something is not correct in the minutes it is too late to do anything about it after they have been confirmed. Endless circle syndrome.
(keep up there, you at the back !)
How is it that sheepshaun was able to post the correct agenda on MTC’s website and on maltbyblogger before the (incorrect) one was mailed to me ?
How is it that there is no mention of an election on March 7th, yet there is a meeting planned ? Ok I know that was only a draft working document, but why plan March’s agenda before February’s ?
Maybe there is an idea of the rest of February’s agendas, but if that’s so, why can’t we have a list of meeting dates ? 
For some reason I’ve got that old Johnny Nash song playing over and over in my head “There are more questions than answers … and the more I find out the less I know “
Addendum : I checked on the Town Council noticeboard outside Manor Nurseries this afternoon, to see if tonight’s meeting was posted there. It wasn’t. Just the February 4th one, that has been and gone without anyone really noticing.
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6 Responses to Curiouser and Curiouser – ISofA Day 4 plus a bit more …

  1. Anne pleberous says:

    Brenda ALL Council meetings must be advertised with 5 full days notice or any decisions taken at them are NOT LEGAL .

  2. Thanks for that Ann. With MTC it’s usually doing the bare minimum to keep it legal. Think there’s a lot of that goes on with those ‘in authority’ ! Like the ones who claim the absolute maximum of expenses … just ‘cos they can !

    • sheepshaun says:

      You’re welcome for the link, I think it went up at the last minute; typical MTC behaviour. Your noticeboard comment sums it up, believe you wrote that the North ward vacancy was only advertised on one – they will only do the minimum required effort!

      Not sure if there is a way to send any news in by the way, but the deadline for nominations for the North ward election has been reached. 2 candidates standing – Jeanette Mallinder as independent, from Hellaby who unsuccessfully stood for the parish council there in 2011, and Joe Robinson as TUSC. No Labour candidate, which is quite interesting!

      • Thanks ss. Re sending news in- I meant you to maltbyblogger ! Thought you were an ‘insider’ who could get MTC news before the rest of us 🙂
        Yes interesting that there’s not a Labour candidate but people haven’t really been falling over themselves to be nominated.
        Just hope that whoever is elected is strong enough to be

  3. Hope that whoever is elected is strong enough to stand up to the Labour party pressure which will no doubt be put on them.

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