Maltby Town Council Minutes on Website and Matters Arising !

 For the readers of  this blog  and for anyone who has an interest in what’s happening in Maltby, maltbyblogger is pleased to note that some more minutes from the past meetings  have been posted on the website.


Maltby Town Council Meeting held on Thursday 17th January 2013

States that no members of the public or press were present. Could this be the public and the press didn’t know the meeting was taking place ?

Other items worthy of note :

No mention of the councillor vacancy, who it is replacing, how the situation came about, when it is to be filled etc etc etc …

183/12   Add to Standing Orders that the Clerk will not remind councillors when they are about to evoke the LGA 1972 s.85 Act (the six month rule) – Cllr K Stringer    RESOLVED – that it be added to MTC Standing Orders   ie. keep as many of the councillors in the dark as to what’s happening also 

Minutes of MTC meeting 10th January approved at this meeting, though the minutes were not available to the public until after they were approved ie. too late for anyone in the public to question what was said/agreed upon.

F196/12  Seems like Maltby Town Council and Maltby Community Development Trust are having a spat with each other again and rumours and falsehoods are being discussed in MTC meetings  – again.

( maltbyblogger sort of agreed with herself that MCDT would not be discussed on here due to appalling personal situation with them in the past  – but perhaps the time is right to bring this back into the public arena. To be in future posts) 

F203/12  Cllr J Andrews has requested a working party to discuss “Community Assets Transfer”   This sounds ominous … who are they thing of transferring the assets to ?

More scrutiny on minutes and agendas as they arise.

Anyone know if there’s an MTC meeting this week, because I still haven’t had a list of forthcoming meetings, not even for the Annual General Meeting. 







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2 Responses to Maltby Town Council Minutes on Website and Matters Arising !

  1. Joe Robinson says:

    An asset transfer? They already deny owning most of Maltby to try and make RMBC maintain it lol.
    But joking aside, what assets are do they mean? And to whom will they be transfered? If they intend to continue with this plan we need specific details, as nobody wants RMBC having responsibility for more budgets they can decimate.

  2. Precisely Joe ! You are perfectly correct with that !
    Perhaps, as you are hoping to be elected you should give them a ring and see what they have to say about it, as well as many other things.

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