Maltby Play Area – Active Tots – Good News for Maltby Children –

 A group has started up hoping to provide a play area for children at the “other side” of Maltby. 

Often it seems that it is only the Coronation Park /Queens area that is catered for when it comes to projects for children and young people but with the expansion of Maltby westwards there is plenty of need for facilities for everyone around Cliff Hills and across to Dale Hill Road, Trueman Green, Amory’s Holt and the adjoining areas.


Maltbyblogger is pleased to support the project and will post details of latest news, meetings and events to do this.

” Meeting held on Thursday 31st January 

  • Serena explained to everyone how we have come about creating the group….as a result of the questionnaire that was sent out from the maltby town council some parent felt strongly enough to go to a maltby town council meeting to find out if it would be possible to have a park on the haynook estate. They explained that they had tried before and bought equipment but due to some members of the public the funding and equipment went to Greasborough. It was suggested at the meeting that it would be worth setting up our own group to try again and maltby town council said they would match whatever money we were able to raise. We went to another meeting at Maltby Leisure Centre with green space and __________ and they gave us ideas of how to get started. Green Space said they would provide us with pictures of equipment (they only maintain certain types of equipment) and help with and surveys we needed to do. Green space said they would also look into an appropriate space to build the park. Also told rest of group that it is a park for 3-10 year olds rather than an adventure park for older kids.
  • It was suggested that we should not use the term ‘park’ as it suggested older kids rather than younger kids so the term ‘play area’ may be a better option.
  • Discussed possible locations. Amory’s Holt, Truman Green, Gala Crescent and Braithwell Road (no objections as land is not used at the minute). Was also suggested that Amory’s Holt was owned by Green space.
  • Still waiting on the results of the Questionnaire that Maltby Town Council did.
  • When we do our survey it was suggested that we cover the manor estate too.
  • Look into Tenants and Residents Association.
  • Could target young families through schools when we do our survey. Give to the teachers to give out then one of us collect them back at school on a certain day. If people don’t return the questionnaire to the schools then we take it that there is no objection.
  • Parking is something we need to consider when choosing a site.
  • Could do a petition. Do you want a park….Y/N
  • There may be other land coming available when a lily hall infant closes. Could write to Mr Sutton (head at Maltby Comp). Could speak to Jo or Pauline they may know what is happening to the site.
  • Could use spotlight for advertising.
  • Discussed possible names….decided on Active Tots Play Area.
  • Use Greasborough Constitution and adapt.
  • Selected the Committee members
  1. Chair Person ….Serena Mchale
  2. Secretary ….Allison Coope
  3. Treasurer …..Carla Peace
  4. Other Committee Members ….Janet Pinkos, Tina, Jo Matheson, Shelley Flanagan, Pauline. Possibly Julie Coope and Joanne Lucas Helliwell.
  • Possible ideas for funding
  1. Tesco
  2. Lottery
  3. South Yorkshire Community Foundation
  4. British Heart Foundation (active heart campaign)
  5. Fun days (Truman green/haynook). Could use DB Entertainment.

 Next Meeting

Serena will circulate on Facebook in approximately 1 month.”

 Letter from Maltby Town Council :

“Thank you for getting in touch.  The Council met last Saturday to work on the Maltby Plan (which includes  play areas) and agreed that public consultation is a requirement and needs to get underway.

You mention match funding.  The money we have in the pot for all parks in Maltby is £55,000 (£5000 being spent recently in CoronationPark).  Therefore, it you raised £55,000 then the Council would not be able to match fund this amount in full,  as money is also  needed for other areas.   However, with funding it is not always necessary to have a 50% match eg., some funders only ask for 10% from a partner organisation.  It would be difficult to calculate a figure at this point as we do not know the cost of the overall project.

 Please be assured the Council, is committed to putting a play area (pending consultation and permissions approved).   Perhaps it would prove beneficial for you to attend the next Maltby Town Planning Meeting when you can bring members up to speed on what your group has achieved so far (a date is to be set in the near future) and to receive reassurance that your project has the backing of the Council.  It also may be an idea to invite a Councillor to your next meeting.  As you can see, I have copied all Councillors into this email and will bring it up in my report on Thursday 7th. “



The name of the group shall be Maltby Active Tots.


The area commonly known as the ‘New Estate’ of Maltby shall be of benefit.  The top of Addison Road to Braithwell Road and the immediate surrounding area.    

 Aims and Objectives

1.         To work towards the building of a new children’s play area on the estate.

2.         To monitor the building and maintenance of the successful play area.

3.         To develop share visions / master plans for the children’s play area with Rotherham Borough Council and Maltby Town Council and to bid for funding to help achieve those visions / plans.

4.         To promote safe use of the play area and create an inviting environment.

5.         To act as the community advisory body of the play area in liaison with Rotherham Borough Council.

6.         To promote other toddler / children play activities in this area.



1.         Membership is open to all interested individuals or user groups irrespective of ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or political opinion on submission of their contact details. 

2.         Every member shall have equal vote.

3.         A copy of the constitution shall be given to any member on request.


To achieve the above aims and objectives, the group can:

1.         Make links with other organisations with similar objectives.

2.         Raise funds and accept contributions from any person, group or business.  In raising funds the group shall not carry out any permanent trading activities.

3.         Carry out or help to organise exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes and social gatherings of any kind in line with the group’s aims / objectives.

4.         Do all such other things to promote the aims / objectives of the group. 


1.         A Management Committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting to manage the group.

2.         The Management Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 committee members.

3.         To provide an opportunity to all.  Not more than one of the Management Committee members shall be from any single interested group.

4.         The Committee will deem a member to have resigned if they fail to turn up at three consecutive meetings without good reason. 

5.         The quorum for the Management Committee is fifty percent of the elected Committee plus one.

6.         The Committee shall meet no less than four times a year.

7.         In the case of a tied vote the Chairperson of the meeting will have the right to a casting vote.  There is no requirement that the Chairperson must have voted originally, nor that he/she has to vote the same way as originally.

8.         The Treasurer shall not be from the same household as any other Committee member.

9.         The Committee may invite to any Management Committee, General or Special Meeting, representatives from relevant agencies, e.g. Police, Council Officers, etc.

10.       Minutes of the Committee meetings shall be available to all members upon request. 

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

1.         The group shall hold an AGM open to the general public once a year.  At this meeting the Committee will give a report on the last twelve months work and present a statement of accounts.  Following this, a Members only meeting will elect a Committee that will hold office for the next year.  Only those who were members prior to the AGM will be entitled to vote. 

2.         The quorum for the AGM shall be the same as for other General Meetings.

3.         The Secretary of the Group shall notify all members of the AGM at least fourteen days before the meeting and shall publicise it in the local press and local community venues.

General Meetings

1.         The Committee will hold General Meetings for the Group.  There will be at least two each year and one must be the AGM.

2.         A Special General Meeting (SGM) can be called if twelve or more members submit a request in writing to the Secretary outlining the reason for the Special meeting.  The Secretary will endeavour to arrange the meeting to take place within the next fourteen days.

3.         The quorum for the General Meetings shall be ten percent of the registered membership or ten members not including the Committee whichever is the greater.

4.         The Secretary shall make sure that General Meetings are publicised at least fourteen days in advance in accordance with point 3 in the AGM section.


1.         All monies raised by the group shall be used to further the aims of the group and shall be accounted.

2.         The Treasurer shall open a bank account in the name of the Group – Maltby Active Tots.

3.         The Committee shall elect three signatories to sign cheques on behalf of the Group.  The Treasurer and one of the elected signatories must sign any cheques.

4.         The Treasurer shall have the accounts independently assessed at the end of the financial year. 

 Changes to the Constitution

1.         The Constitution can be altered at a quorate AGM or SGM called for that purpose.

2.         Any proposal to change the Constitution must be handed to the Secretary seven days before the meeting.

3.         Changes to the Constitution must be agreed by two-thirds of the members present at the meeting. 

 Dissolution of the Group

1.         If the Committee decides to dissolve the Group then it shall call a SGM which can dissolve the group by a two-thirds majority.

2.         If the Committee no longer exists, any four members may call a SGM.  There must be two weeks notice for a dissolution meeting and for the purpose of dissolution a quorum need not apply.  The meeting must be publicised to give all sections of the community the opportunity to attend.

3.         All books and documents of the Group shall be placed with such a person or organisation for safe keeping as the meeting shall decide.

4.         After discharge of any outstanding debts or binding commitments, any remaining funds shall be passed to a similar organisation in Rotherham.  Any equipment or goods shall be given to other local organisations with similar aims. 

 This document was adopted as the Constitution of Maltby Active Tots at a public meeting held on 31st January 2013. “

” Our group has been placed on the agenda at the Maltby Town Council Plan Steering Group meeting to be held on Friday 22nd February at 9.30am. We seem to be making some progress and communication from the council appears positive with them understanding our need / aims. Please let me know if you would like to come to the meeting. Thank you. Serena McHale”

Best wishes and good luck to Maltby Active Tots.

They can be found on Facebook : Maltby Parks – Active Tots

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9 Responses to Maltby Play Area – Active Tots – Good News for Maltby Children –

  1. Joe Robinson says:

    This is absolutely briliant well done to all those involved. This was already one of my election pledges so I will be very happy to get involved, though I can’t seem to find the facebook group at the minute? Let’s hope the council do help with funding in a really significant way (I will push for this if elected) and we can get this project under way.

  2. R.Wilde says:

    This is great news, best of luck to all involved.

  3. Save our field says:

    This is bad news for residents in the immediate vicinity of the green.
    Any form of play area has the potential to become a focal and congrigation point for youths with all the associated antisocial behavior.
    It does not matter what age range the park is aimed at.

  4. Save our green says:

    Some of the proposers of the active tots group would appear to accept that weekly or occasional antisocial behaviour is acceptable, this may be a standard that they are prepared to accept but NOT a standard that the local residents are prepared to accept.

    • Dear Save our green / field,

      Please accept my sincere and humble apologies for not responding to your posts.

      The reason for this is purely due to my inability to recognise and realise that comments that have been made do not show up on all my computer type devices and I have just missed your posts completely.

      Sorry. This is the only reason and I am about to post this and reply to you post haste!

  5. Save our Green ( Group ) says:

    NOTICE TO MALTBY BLOGGER…….Please have the common decency to reply instead of DELETING genuine comments made supporting the views of a large number of people, otherwise the whole blog loses ALL credability.

    Does this need reporting to Word Press surely they have rules.

  6. Save our green says:

    Three members of the committee have a business interest in developing a play area on Trueman Green field save the field from the unwanted play area.

  7. Save our field –

    Thank you for your comment and again, apologies for not seeing it earlier !

    I appreciate your comment that this may be bad news for residents in the immediate vicinity of the green.
    As you say, any form of play area has the potential to become a focal and congregation point for youths with all the associated antisocial behaviour that we are all too well aware of in Maltby, and in many other areas across the country. Also as you say the age range of those using it would make no difference in this respect, unless the area was “policed” continually, which is clearly not an option.

    Save our green / Green –

    It is of some concern that you state “Some of the proposers of the active tots group would appear to accept that weekly or occasional antisocial behaviour is acceptable”. Could you elaborate on what these proposers have actually said ?
    I agree wholeheartedly that the residents here or anywhere else come to that, are right in saying they will not accept this as a standard, in any circumstances.

    Personally, I prefer not to use the term “anti social behaviour ” because to me the type of behaviour that is placed under this heading is usually criminal, and at least against all bye laws and general decency. I know from much personal experience of these issues in Maltby, particularly when trying to get a “play area” up and running to prevent this behaviour from happening in the first place !

    I can not comment on your point of members of the committee having a business interest in developing a play area on Trueman Green field as I am not involved in the group at all.
    Could you perhaps give more details of the nature of this interest either by comment here or by email to maltbyblogger ?

    Any communications to maltbyblogger privately can be assured of discretion and anonymity if that is what you prefer.

    Maltbyblogger reports on issues, topical, political and of interest and concern to us in Maltby/Hellaby/ Rotherham.
    I give my own opinions freely, and report on those of others that I find recorded.
    Maltbyblogger has no affiliation to any group or party, political or otherwise.

    I had a new unopened, unused marquee which I gave to the Maltby Active Tots Group a few weeks ago for use as they see fit. This is not an endorsement of their views, plans or anything else.

    Maltbyblogger looks forward to your comments.

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