Maltby Town Council Election – 1st Candidate Promotion Leaflet – Joe Robinson

Received my polling card on Friday ( so Maltby Town Council must have “decided” to allow them to be issued 😉 ) 


This morning candidate Joe Robinson’s leaflet has been posted through my letterbox.





Almost 21 yrs old  – be good to see how he could work with some of the Labour dinosaurs currently on MTC. Wonder if he has enough experience of life to do this ?  Not sure about 

” a voice for you on the council not tied to a party line”  –  but perhaps Joe would have more time for Maltby than the TUSC if elected. 

What do you think ?

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4 Responses to Maltby Town Council Election – 1st Candidate Promotion Leaflet – Joe Robinson

  1. sheepshaun says:

    The campaign for TUSC is underway, leafletting was done yesterday & today in the ward as well as a stall on the High Street (picture:, and some door-to-door knocking. No sign of Jeanette Mallinder as of yet!

  2. anne pleberous (@anteggs49) says:

    Hope if he is elected that he has ‘staying power’ and can cope with the ‘banging head’ on wall when he returns from meetings. Many have tried and failed. I wish him the best of luck – we need young ones with a bit of political nounce to rock the old guard.

  3. Well done with the leafletting. I tried to catch you as you posted mine but you were too quick !
    Was that a petition that you had on High St ? If so what was it about and feel free to post it here.

    • Joe Robinson says:

      Yes it was the TUSC petition against the cuts at Rotherham hospital which now has almost 4000 signatures. I’m really sorry you missed me, I tried to talk to as many people as possible but I would have liked to speak to you. Hopefully you can catch me next time as we will be putting out a second leaflet to give the voters more information.
      You mention my age, as have a few people I have spoken to, but people see when I speak that I do know what I’m talking about (for want of a better phrase) and more importantly I am passionate about trying to improve things in this town.
      I really hope the voters give me the chance on March 7th because my actions will speak louder than words.

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