Candidates for Maltby Town Council Election – The TUSC Campaign

In response to “The TUSC Campaign ” comments  on RotherhamPolitics :

The unfortunate situation that we in Maltby find ourselves in with Maltby Town Council is that many of us, who understand the real goings of of the council, feel almost desperate about having some change. The scenario with the Labour Party councillors has gone on for too long for some to remember, but the fact is that even when some “independants” were elected, they either had their own agenda or were easily/forcibly ‘persuaded’ to either toe the line or resign.
Co opting their “own choice” or lining up a “friend” for election has been the norm for many years. Fairly recently both co optees and elected have not been able to cope with the pressure of those who believe they ARE the council and their wishes are to be obeyed at all cost (resignation of Andrew Searson within a year of co option and the reason behind the current town councillor vacancy, to name just two) Even the Town Clerk, who came into the job with great ideas and enthusiasm has been brow beaten to the point of defeat and has on more than one occasion asked for help because she was “going under”.

It is all very well to stand at a distance and say
“No-one has contradicted my point about Robinson being a member of an extreme left-wing organisation (TUSC are not a political party) ”

My personal belief is that ANY one who is on the side of openness, honesty and integrity and lives and works in a lawful manner, will be more than welcome as a Maltby Town Councillor.
The other candidate Jeanette Mallinder, has as yet still not distributed any information about herself or her views and also does not live in Maltby. This doesn’t appear to me to be someone who is either keen or suitable to be on MTC.
Surely all we can do in Maltby is give someone the benefit of the doubt, in the hope that their commitment as a councillor will be for the benefit of Maltby and not themselves.

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