It’s Just Like Deja Vu – Anston Parish Council’s “Comedy Club/Farce”

The attitudes and antics of Anston Parish Council are so very similar to that of Maltby Town Council’s over the years that it is almost surreal. Talk about deja vu !

Of course, the way that Beck is behaving is appalling and by the sound of it some of the other councillors too. As I have commented on the TUSC thread though, it is all very well to sit on the sidelines saying this and that should not be happening but when it actually comes to the crunch, who ever lays their proverbially ‘neck on the line’ and does something about it ?

In 2009 Maltby experienced a situation like Anston’s – the Chairman at the time was on the Standards Board and no matter how many times councillors were reported for inappropriate behaviour the response came back from Mr Mumford et al – no case to answer. MTC also had the added ‘illegal dismissal’ of the then Town Clerk to add to the shenanigans.

Joe Robinson informs us
“If the voters of anston (sic)feel strongly enough I would remind you all that the signatures of 10 percent of the electorate can; remove specific councilours (sic) or call an election, for any or all seats.”
This sounds simple in theory. In practice , not so.
This report in the local paper at the time talking of “a plot” shows a little of the circumstances.
More on this at to come 

Good luck Anston. You are certainly going to need some to get your council sorted out !

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