Silence the Bloggers ? They can try … …

Just been listened to Jacqui Thompson, on Radio 4 talking about her blog and how she was arrested for filming a council meeting in Carmathernshire. She was handcuffed, arrested and taken to the police station where it was alleged that filming the council was contrary to their constitution and the Standing Orders. Needless to say nothing was found in either documents regarding this. She was NOT charged and released. She continues to report on the goings on of her council on her blog …  

and on Twitter @caebrwyn

With the recent events at Anston Parish Council and the ongoing farce of Maltby Town Council, readers will I think find this blog very interesting.

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1 Response to Silence the Bloggers ? They can try … …

  1. anne pleberous (@anteggs49) says:

    Crikey half of Rotherham will be arrested!! Can’t wait !!

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