Hellaby Parish Council – why not take a look, Maltby Town Council ?






While looking for information on Maltby’s other candidate for election, Jeanette Mallinder, I thought that Maltby Town Council – and Maltby residents who get little information from MTC – might like to have a look at the way it could and should be done. Hellaby Parish is obviously much smaller than Maltby, but that shouldn’t be an issue when posting onto a website.

Hellaby PC has February minutes updated and even has a list of forthcoming events on the home page. 

Wonder why someone from Hellaby who has such an efficient Parish Council running, would want to be elected to MTC ? Could it be that Jeannette Mallinder has something to teach them ?


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3 Responses to Hellaby Parish Council – why not take a look, Maltby Town Council ?

  1. What great little web site Hellaby Patish Council have. Puts much bigger areas like Wales to shame. Wales don’t even have a web page let alone a site where minutes and such can be accessed. Well done Hellaby!

  2. Yes well done Hellaby.
    Maybe town councils such as Wales (and Maltby) will eventually realise that there is no excuse for NOT having an updated efficient website for then benefit of the community,

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