Refurbishment of Edward Dunn Memorial Hall

Refurbishment of the Edward Dunn Memorial Hall Working Party  

Wednesday 27th February 2013 11 am


1. To receive apologies for absence

2. To receive minutes of  6th July 2011

3. Feasibility study and input from councillors

4. Consultation process and plan

5. Questionnaire specific for Edward Dunn

6. Survey on website

7. Availability of land in Maltby

8. Finance and Funding 

9. Timescales

10. Date and time of next meeting

A phone call to MTC this morning could not confirm whether this meeting will be open to the press and public as The Clerk is out at a meeting.

A very pleasant sounding chap by the name of Phil  (he works in the office) suggested that the confirmation or not comes from Ann Stewart herself. 

Likewise when asked for ‘draft minutes’ of the MTC meeting on Friday which discussed the plans for a play area in Maltby.

Hopefully, update before Wednesday.

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2 Responses to Refurbishment of Edward Dunn Memorial Hall

  1. anne pleberous (@anteggs49) says:

    Whoever is running MTC needs to get some serious training! If this is a committee meeting of the Council then it must have had the required public notice and must be open to parishioners. Only if they are discussing tenders or staff can the public or press be excluded.
    Ann Stewart (whoever she is) does NOT have the power to exclude the public or the press except for the reasons above and this must be done at the meeting by resolution.
    Also if the meeting has not been publicly advertised for the required time ANY decision they take is illegal.

  2. Thanks for that ann.
    As per usual, no doubt MTC have used their “bare minimum” policy and there is a notice around Maltby somewhere (seems strange if there’s not when an agenda’s on the website for once before a meeting !)

    Hopefully the word has been spread now that there is to be a meeting and press and public will attend.

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