Kevin Barron MP on the economy – Chancellor doesn’t understand

Kevin Barron speaks in Parliament and the Chancellor doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.

Not much hope for the rest of us then !
Photo of Kevin Barron

Kevin Barron (Rother Valley, Labour)

Does the Chancellor accept that the state of the British economy and its flatlining in terms of growth is a good example of how party political scaremongering at the Dispatch Box for three years does not work?

Photo of George Osborne

George Osborne (Chancellor of the Exchequer, HM Treasury; Tatton, Conservative)

I am not sure I really understand what the right hon. Gentleman is getting at. Yes, of course we have a difficult economic situation, because we inherited a 11.5% budget deficit and were coming out of a contraction of the economy of 6%—the right hon. Gentleman talks about  flatlining but there was a 6% contraction of the economy when the shadow Chancellorwas in the Cabinet. That is what we are dealing with. As I say, we have reduced the deficit, created 1 million jobs, and we have low interest rates. 

Party political scaremongering, Kevin ?  Isn’t the Labour Party the best people to advise you on that ?

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2 Responses to Kevin Barron MP on the economy – Chancellor doesn’t understand

  1. A regular reader says:

    An embarrassing non sequitur from our Kev, me’thinks.

    (Earlier in the debate, Pete Wishart (Perth and North Perthshire, Scottish National Party) had managed to find a quite valid use for the word “scaremongering”)

  2. Indeed he did.
    Perhaps we could use his “triple Z ” rating to mark our Kev’s performance !

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