Maltby Town Council Election Candidate Info – Jeanette Mallinder

Thanks to Rotherham Advertiser, without which I for one would have had no information at all about candidate Jeanette Mallinder.

“Independent Ms Mallinder (63) who is Rotherham Carers’ Forum Coordinator, grew up, went to school and started her first job in Maltby. 

She said “My love of community and involvement started with growing up in a village community setting. My father was a miner and I have always said it was his strong principles in treating everyone as equal that I hope I have carried with me through my life.

Our family business has been in Maltby for almost 30 years and is serving a third generation of Maltby people. I have attended the town council for a year listening to the problems and often solutions that come from a wide and diverse community. i would like to support the community on their major part in planning the future of its own community. I have a long history of working with the public and voluntary work.

I promise I will listen to the community and ensure they are part of all decision making. I have worked in health and social care and would look forward to helping to make sure that everyone has equal access to services.” 

Seems like Jeanette Mallinder is dedicated to equality and listening to the community to aid  decision making. Let’s hope that if she is elected she manages to persuade the rest of Maltby Town Council to do the same.

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