One Day to Go – Maltby Town Council Election Tomorrow


Day before Maltby North Ward Town Council Election.

Candidates Joe Robinson (TUSC)   and Jeanette Mallinder

Second leaflet from Joe delivered yesterday outlining local issues that he intends to address – parks, new play area, funding for Maltby groups from MTC etc

Joe Robinson will be at a stall on Maltby High St, in the morning, at the polling stations in the afternoon and at the MTC meeting at 6.30pm at the Edward Dunn Memorial Hall, Tickhill Rd, Maltby.

(no news of where J Mallinder will be )

Let’s have a good turn out Maltby. We can’t complain about things not getting done in Maltby if we don’t use our vote to make a difference. 

Please spread the word to all family and friends eligible and encourage them to vote.

New blood for Maltby Town Council is long overdue.


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