MTC North Ward Election Today – Remember to Vote !







Today’s the day when Maltby are voting (or not) on who they want to represent them on Maltby Town Council.

Joe Robinson has been at the Manor School polling station early this morning talking to residents and informing them of the election  – yes there are still some who don’t know about it.

Then Joe was down on the High Street with his TUSC  friends Shaun and Tom (pictured above) before going to the other polling station at Lynx, Braithwell Rd this afternoon and then on to the MTC monthly meeting tonight at 6.30 at the Edward Dunn Memorial Hall, Tickhill Rd, Maltby.



This is the first time I have seen a candidate for MTC so committed and enthusiastic about campaigning, in Maltby. Joe deserves recognition for this.

Word “on the streets” is that Jeanette Mallinder has postal votes secured for  herself. She has been very selectively door knocking with her good friends Cllr Jenny Andrews and Cllr Lauren Astbury.

( Remember these are the 2 councillors on MALTBY Town Council who represent HELLABY on RMBC. Andrews being a member of the Labour party before changing to Independant and back again to Labour when it was convenient. Likewise Cllr Carol Stringer and Cllr Keith Stringer – grandparents of Lauren Astbury. Cllr Kathryn Astbury – mother of Lauren, daughter of Carol and Keith – disappeared from Maltby Town Council some time ago with nothing being said about it. Bit like the vacancy this time, in fact)

 I have no other information about Jeanette Mallinder as don’t others in the North Ward.

They certainly didn’t come anywhere near my door – but maybe that’s just as well.

Good luck Maltby.

May the best man win ! 😉

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