New Councillor for Maltby Town Council – Joe Robinson Speaks to maltbyblogger

Maltby has elected it's first ever TUSC (Trade Unionists and 
Socialists Against Cuts)councillor to Maltby Town Council.
This is very welcome to many in Maltby as MTC has always been a Labourcouncil. A young, enthusiastic and committed  new member of the
council is exactly what the town needs. 
Joe Robinson is 20 years old and lives in Maltby. He went to Maltby
Comprehensive School and now works as a plater/welder. 
He says that Maltby has always been Labour but that the Labour Party
seem to take people and their votes for granted. He comes from a
socialist family but all he has known in his life is "new" Labour
which doesn't seem to him to be much different to the Tories. 
I asked Joe for his first reaction to the news that he had been
elected. Joe says,
"I had no expectations, I just wanted to give people a real
alternative to the usual politicians. However during the campaign it
became clear that the anti cuts and corruption message seemed to
really connect with the voters and they came out and voted me in
convincingly, for which I am very grateful.
On the announcement at the count of my victory my first thoughts were
"now I have a real chance to make this town better for all of us. This is only the beginning." I am thrilled that the voters have given me
this chance to do everything I can with it.
We celebrated in The Queens for an hour whilst discussing future

Maltby Town Council has already responded to pressure to
maintain the bowling greens in Maltby and the future of the tennis
courts is being discussed. Joe intends to seek to improve the local
parks, clean up the streets and support local groups such as the
newly formed Maltby Active Tots. 

What will be his first priority as a councillor ?

"My first priorities as a councillor are to join the working party forthe bowling greens and I am already on the events committee. I will
also seek greater financial backing for Maltby Active Tots. I would
also like to look into the practicalities of opening a food bank in
Maltby. I will also scrutinise the street cleaning budget. I think
that this will be a great start toward a brighter future for Maltby."

Is he confident that he can stand up for his own views and beliefs
with some of the long standing councillors on Maltby Town Council ?

"I said throughout the campaign I would shake up MTC and I'm confident I can do that" Joe says, "The views of some councillors may be long
held, but I will always speak up and argue against budget cuts, rises in rents and costs (allotments, bowling greens etc.). I will also
argue for the people of Maltby because regardless of MTC's opinion
what Maltby needs,it is our job to try and provide. Also with TUSC
planning more candidates in the future I really believe we can have a positive effect on the long term future of Maltby too.
Thanks again to all who voted.I won't let you down."

Congratulations again to Joe and his supporters for being elected and for the
commitment he has already shown to make Maltby a better place to live. 

We look forward to his efforts as a Maltby Town Councillor and maltbyblogger and
many others will be supporting him.
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