Localised child grooming – Home Affairs Committee – Today 19th March 2.45pm

No sign of our Shaun Wright

(responsible for Children’s Services in Rotherham during the child grooming scandal years, and now our Police and Crime Commissioner)

appearing at the committee yet, but there’s hope yet.

Today’s committee 2.45pm

The United Kingdom Parliament Home Affairs Committee 

Date Business
19 March 2013

2:45 pm
Subject: Localised child grooming

Witness(es): Muslim Council of Britain and Alyas Karmani, StreetOnline; Sheila Taylor MBE, National Working Group for sexually exploited children and young people and Martine Osmond, The Children’s Society


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2 Responses to Localised child grooming – Home Affairs Committee – Today 19th March 2.45pm

  1. R.Wilde says:

    I know Chris Longley has written to the committee suggesting they do not question Wright until they have received and had time to go through the evidence they asked for from RMBC:


    It would appear his recommendation is being taken seriously. Still no word on whether the info has been handed over yet. Perhaps RMBC are hoping the committee forget that they asked?

  2. I am sure RMBC are hoping that the committee forget, but don’t think Chris Longley is going to and neither are many more of us.
    How long the committee are going to wait for the requested documents remains to be seen.

    This reminds me – think it’s time our Maltby Town Councillors from whom I requested information about the child sex exploitation training, have a reminder to respond. And Mr Paul Lakin, too.

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