Maltby’s Next Generation – Shaun William Barrett

During the run up to the election of a town councillor for Maltby, this young man was out supporting his friend and colleague, newly elected Joe Robinson, delivering leaflets, talking to people in Maltby and helping man a stall on the High Street.

Young people in Maltby often get a bad name for the few whose  behaviour and attitude is not what is good for the town. It is good to be able to say that the majority of Maltby’s youth are sensible, intelligent, and deep thinking who care for their town and it’s people. They are our future and need as much support in their views and commitments as those who are ‘in office’ now.

 Maltbyblogger is proud to introduce Shaun Barrett. This is Shaun in his own words :

” I’m 17, have lived in Maltby all my life, and currently live in the Cliff Hills area. I went to Maltby Academy, going on to study A Levels at Thomas Rotherham College – Politics, Economics and English Language. One obvious interest to me is politics and current affairs, and in my spare time, hobbies include working at a local shop, and spending time with my friends. I also enjoy meeting new people, and one reason I’m proud to be from Maltby is the amount of great, down to earth people here. I’ve certainly met and spoke to a lot of these on the campaign.

 Simply watching the news informed me, and started my interest in politics. Politics affects everyone. It’s important. Households will be facing the bedroom tax, benefit cuts and income squeezes. Nurses and doctors are being cut. Tuition fees have risen and EMA has been cut. I, and TUSC, do not want that. I want to make things better, and make things better for future generations. Cuts do not make things better.

 Sadly, Maltby’s pit is closing, we’re depopulating, and we need to keep Maltby a great, vibrant place to live. A strong community spirit and council will deliver this – Joe will stand up for the community, be a strong voice on the council, and help us progress well. I’m proud of Joe for his cause, and I am proud to be a TUSC activist. “

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3 Responses to Maltby’s Next Generation – Shaun William Barrett

  1. R.Wilde says:

    Shaun’s a good lad, wish there were more like him. He’s been a friend to my daughter since they were toddlers, and he’s growing into a smashing young man. I wish him well with his A levels and if he decides to make a career in local politics I hope he stands for election at the earliest opportunity – he would be an asset to MTC and along with Joe Robinson would be able to connect with the youth of Maltby in ways that our other councillors can’t, and get them more involved in decisions which affect their community.

  2. dave green says:

    ive lived in maltby since i was 11(am 40) and people will always have a massive respect for maltby.i work on the railway and work across the country and the amount of men i have come across from all areas who have heard of it(alot of people call it the railway village)
    maltby is a very proud village and deep down when people slate it we all jump to its defense,i personally love it,not just because my nans and grandads have lived here years,worked down the pit etc,just because i think it is a lovely little village to fetch your kids up.
    i hope the future councillors will look after our little centre of the universe because we maltby folk deep down love it.

  3. Agree R Wilde. It sort of makes you look forward to the future ! 🙂

    Thanks for your comments dave.
    I know that you speak for many of us – if not all of us – who live in Maltby. It’s why we get so annoyed if things don’t seem to be going along the route towards a better Maltby.
    We do love Maltby and we are proud of it and proud to live here. If we weren’t then we would be somewhere else ! 🙂

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