No Smoking Day – Today, Wednesday 13th March

Kevin Barron MP is supporting the  No Smoking Day on Wednesday 13 March, the annual health campaign run by the British Heart Foundation.

He says 

“Stopping smoking is not only one of the best things you can do to boost your health but it is good for your bank balance as well. This year’s campaign is highlighting how smokers can benefit financially by quitting for a day (saving £7), a week (saving £49), a month (saving £210) and a year (saving £2,555).

Nearly one in five UK adults smoke, including 23% in Yorkshire & the Humber, but UK figures show two thirds want to quit.

Quitting can be difficult, but there is lots of local support available and working out what you could afford to buy thanks to savings is a great motivator. I would encourage everyone in the Rother Valley to give it a go and join thousands of others trying to quit on the day.

The No Smoking Day campaign is now in its 30th year. It helped more than 760,000 people quit smoking last year and inspired another 1.5 million to seek out information to help them quit in future. For more information on the benefits of quitting as well as top quit tips please visit

Thanks for the information Kevin and good luck anyone who stops smoking due to this campaign. 

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