Don’t want to sound like an old moaner but … … Where’s our street pride ?

How sad that people in Maltby are feeling this way about their town and surroundings.
Comments posted on Remembering Maltby :

Don’t want to sound like an old moaner but has anyone noticed how run down parts of Maltby are getting ? For example, what’s happening to the old house and wall on Blyth Rd ?And the stone wall that divides Blyth Rd with the lower rd (White \Swan Rd) that got hit by a car years ago, leaving the railing hanging is a disgrace.

Yes and the streets are awful – muck, dog doos, overhanging bushes ( comp), having difficulty finding things to be proud of right now.

I agree with you all. Maltby looks very shabby and thread bare. Litter, dog crap all over, bins on high street been over flowing for some time as well. Its not just the high street that is a mess too, its time Maltby Council took pride in where we live and spent some of that money they have cleaning the place up. If the local litter picker doesnt want to do it employ me. I will gladly go round educating kids and adults on the art of being  tidy.

Yes it might be nice to have hanging baskets etc. but why not spend some money on one of those small street sweeping machines,and give Maltby a long over due sweep

These views were taken to Parish Council many years ago and the reply was: It’s Rotherham, responsibility…. 

Its time to fetch in an on the spot fine for dropping litter on any street in Maltby same with dog crap in snickets. Its time they got policed by the local council as well Think of all the money they would make in fining kids and adults and get the kids and takeaway shops educated in the art of picking their crap up after there dinner time jaunt down street.

The good news is that it’s clear plenty of people would help and offer their services to support the council in clearing up the place, if only they had the back up. For far too long MTC has been claiming that certain things are RMBC’s responsibility, and likewise, when the time suits, RMBC say it’s Maltby’s. Most reports of litter, tipping and dog fouling are said to be Street Pride’s responsibility (RMBC) but MTC is big enough and financially sound enough (by the sounds of it !) to do something themselves.

It seems that the time is right for Maltby to have our own “Street Pride” and take responsibility where we can for our town. Newly elected councillor Joe Robinson had this issue on his campaign leaflets and says he is committed to making a difference. He, and we, can only do this is we all support each other, but Maltby Town Council needs to take the lead and show an example of team spirit for this to work across Maltby.

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