Maltby People Reactions to Maltby Food Bank – Remembering Maltby

There’s been lots of reaction from Maltby people since the post about the Food Bank opening in Maltby on Friday 22nd. Some positive about the idea, but lots are angry that in 2013 we are in a situation where this is necessary.

Most are very angry that our MP for Rother Valley is ‘opening’ this ‘event’ as though he’s some kind of celebrity for allowing his home town to get into the state that it is – if this is the case. 

Some of the comments and opinions below about this (names have been removed for obvious reasons but the whole discussion can be found on

Love this idea in principle – just hope it reaches those that truly need it and not just those who know the system

     I find this absolutely appalling, not the foodbanks but the fact that there is an increasing need across the country by so many for the basics in life. We are going backwards not forwards. I hope Kevin Barron and other MPs highlight this is happening in their constituencies. They will be opening workhouses next
    Yes. I hope a lot of people turn up to this opening by Kevin Barron and tell him to go to westminster and speak up, highlight this is happening. The benefit cuts they are making is going to impact even more on those who already have very little as will the ongoing increase in fuel charges. I wonder what the budget will hold? They would take the eyeballs out of your sockets as a form of taxation if they could. Grrrr
    I will email him. I live in Bridgnorth now but was raised in Maltby and have family there still. My dad worked down the pit as did a lot of my family.
    More comments welcome
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