How VERY Interesting – Update – How MTC Manipulates the Council

Well, well, well …

Update on post this morning

Have been pondering over this post and checking and re – checking the photos and info on Maltby Town Council’s Councillor page on the website. Kept adding them up and always came to 18 – so what’s happening here ?

Then it clicked with me. A phone call to Kathryn Astbury – she is away this weekend so I spoke to her daughter Cllr Lauren Astbury – confirms that 

Kathryn Astbury has not been removed from Maltby Town Council and remains a councillor to this day.

So in fact, not a mistake, deliberate or otherwise. Just an underhanded conniving plan, quite cleverly executed, to remove those from the council who don’t fit the Labour Party’s views and keep those who do.

Kathryn Astbury (daughter of MTC councillors Cllr C Stringer and Cllr K Stringer) was elected in May 2011, obviously a Labour Party member. Also elected at that time was Stewart Platt –  a Labour supporter who joined the Labour Party prior to standing for election. 

Over the following  months  it became clear that Cllr Platt was not, quite rightly and justifiably, going to go along with what was happening within the Labour Party and within Maltby Town Council. As had been happening previously, the Labour member councillors carried on with their own “agenda”, discussing items between them so that by council meetings, decisions had already been made. What the Labour party members want to happen, happens. Any other ideas are thrown out.

Not only this, but these councillors have a way of demeaning people – bullying in fact – and it takes a very strong person to handle this. I know this from experience as a member of  the public, so appreciate the effect on an individual councillor.

Meanwhile, Cllr Kathryn Astbury was away sick on a number of occasions.

(I have asked MTC  for the dates and details of all meetings that Cllr K Astbury attended, those that she did not, and those where she sent her apologies. )

It was discussed on a number of occasions that any councillor not attending meetings for 6 months or more would be removed from the council. (I have asked MTC for dates and details of all meetings since May 2011 where this was discussed.)

As it appears to have turned out, Kathryn Astbury was never removed from Maltby Town Council.

Cllr Keith Stringer (father of Cllr K Astbury) put an item on the MTC Agenda that any councillor who did not attend a meeting for more than 6 months (‘the 6 months rule’) would automatically be removed from the council, without that councillor even being informed that this was about to happen. 

Cllr Stewart Platt was never informed that he was to be removed from the council.

Neither were the public. The first notification that the public received of a vacancy was January 14th when a notice was posted in one of the town council’s noticeboards.

(see )

This is how Maltby Town Council continue to operate.

Does anyone want to do anything about it ?

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3 Responses to How VERY Interesting – Update – How MTC Manipulates the Council

  1. sheepshaun says:

    Labour with their dirty tricks again. If this is how they operate on a local level – in fact, the lowest tier of government – then what goes off at the top?
    4 Stringers (2 Astburys), Kevin Barron’s daughter Rushforth.. career politicians! Politics, especially on a local level, should be about what the people/community want, about what is best for everyone. NOT because it’s mummy and daddy’s job!

  2. Precisely, sheepshaun. But when this will change goodness only knows !
    Thanks for your comments – at least we are getting the situation ‘out there’.

  3. Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:

    There have been a large number of views of this post from over a year ago in the past few days so re blogging for those interested (and those who didn’t see it previously)

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