Maltby Town Councillors Info – Spot the Deliberate Mistake ?

A big well done  to Maltby Town Council  for having  newly elected Cllr Joe Robinson’s photo and info on the “Councillors” page on the website !!

But hang on, don’t get too excited yet … 

Who can spot the (deliberate or not ) mistake on the page ? 

Why of course  – though the new councillor is there, an ex- councillor is still there too.  Kathryn Astbury was removed from Maltby Town Council after 6 months not attending a meeting. This was at least a year ago (will update mb on exactly when if the minutes are available)

Also, MTC have managed to make it look as though one councillor elected in May 2011 never even existed ! Photo and info was never there and and no mention has been made, as far as documentation goes. 

What a very honest, open and transparent way of operating. 

Granted the councillors page on MTC says “currently being updated” but then the whole of the site is currently being updated but not many updates show.  Any website which gives information to the public should always be being updated – other wise there is little point if any of having the site in the first place.

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