Maltby Resident Cliff Meese on Maltby’s Roads

To whom it may concern, from Cliff Meese, Maltby Resident

” I would like to know from Maltby Councillors if there are any proposals for a bypass to be built to take some of the volume off Maltby’s roads. If there is to be any development of any land as it is unacceptable to have any more traffic on the main road. I can never understand why there is no slip road off the M18 southbound onto the industrial estate at Hellaby . Another idea would have been a roundabout at the end of the lane past the Stockyard at the jctn on the back lane to Ravenfield. Whatever, it needs sorting out as trying to get in and out of Maltby is a nightmare !

And while I’m on the subject who agreed to the cowboys digging our main road up for what seems like years to make matters even more unbearable ? What are they supposed to be doing ? And who does the resurfacing because I wouldn’t let them do my backyard never mind a main road !
Maltby Council, use your powers and sort it out and keep the residents informed of what’s happening. Don’t say come to a meeting either – you need to keep EVERYONE informed. “

Thanks Cliff, for voicing what many Maltby people have been concerned about for a very long time.

Never mind saying roads are RMBC’s responsibility. Maltby has to take some of this responsibility on board – otherwise what is the point of MTC ? 

Over to you, Cllr J Carratt and  Maltby Town Council !

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2 Responses to Maltby Resident Cliff Meese on Maltby’s Roads

  1. Joe Robinson says:

    I tottaly agree about the state of the roads, unfortunately the resurfacing works are handled by RMBC. All MTC can do is make a request for work to be carried out which RMBC usually reject. RMBC have this year given us just 2 areas of “patching” and 2 of “super patching” to be done in Maltby. This will change nothing as they are small repair works. A list of 8 of the worst area’s to be submited to RMBC was decided at the March 7th meeting of MTC.

    I suggest that if mr Meese feels strongly enough he should gather some signatures and bring them to a MTC meeting. We can then send this, along with a request for more resurfacing works, to RMBC.

  2. Thanks for that Joe.
    Hope that Maltby residents take your advice and get some opinions voiced and signatures, as that is the required format.
    Appreciate what you say about a “request” to RMBC for work to be done, but have to ask…
    What are our Rotherham Borough Councillors doing about fighting for the concerns of Maltby ?

    Often read about Cllr Amy Rushforth doing something at Boston Castle or other “cultural” thing in Rotherham, but what about Maltby ?

    As for Cllr Chris Beaumont, can’t think of anywhere where it’s been noted that she has done anything at all. If I am wrong then I would be very pleased to be informed otherwise, Cllr Beaumont.

    Likewise, Cllr Maggie Godfrey. If anyone can pass these questions on to them I’d also be grateful.

    In the meantime, some emails winging their way .

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