Wind Farms – How about one in Maltby … and benefit from grants ?

“WIND farm operator REG Windpower has handed out grants to local causes near its Rotherham development.

The firm pledged to donate £180,000 to community causes over the lifetime of the three 95-metre turbines  it operates at Loscar Farm, Harthill.

Harthill Preschool Group has been given £1,000 towards a “story station”  which will enable children to listen to books while reading.
Harthill Well Dressing Group has been given a grant towards this summer’s event.

Harthill Carnival Society and the Kiveton Park and Wales Village Hall also received support from the Loscar fund. 

REG community relations manager Claudia Richard said: “It’s fabulous to see such a wide variety of fantastic local causes being supported.”

Fund manager Sue Wragg, from South Yorkshire Community Foundation, said: “The Loscar funds are making a big difference and will continue to do so.”

To apply for a share of the grant to help a project in the parishes of Harthill with Woodall, Thorpe Salvin and Wales, see “

This sounds like a good idea to me. We’ve plenty of fields around us here in Maltby where we can put a few windmills and the community can benefit from grants as well as having eco – friendly power !

Benefits of an Evoco Wind Turbine


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2 Responses to Wind Farms – How about one in Maltby … and benefit from grants ?

  1. sheepshaun says:

    An 80m one is being built just outside Maltby: by Doncaster Council (that field is just over the boundary). I am for wind turbines, but they come with their costs; such as visual intrusion and noise. Maltby, Hellaby, Bramley etc. will be landed with the costs while Doncaster Council reap the benefits, which is not right. As it will not serve Maltby, don’t expect any grants!

  2. Thanks Shaun. So, how about one that benefits Maltby then ? We could become self sufficient power wise and then ‘progress’ to being self sufficient in other ways, never mind the grants.

    We already have allotments, gardening and fruit and veg growing at schools and Addison Rd centre so why not have Maltby’s own market selling Maltby’s own products ?
    (Have never understood why MTC pays out for hanging baskets and floral boxes when we have so many proficient gardeners)

    Then of course we could go even further with the skills and trades that we have here.

    Think this now warrants a separate post as I am realising how this could actually happen, if we wanted it to. If we really worked as a “community”.

    Have a feeling that the way forward in these ‘austere’ times is to look after and out for ourselves here in Maltby. It might just catch on.

    More soon …

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