MTC Agenda – Thursday 4th April 2013

Another Agenda before the meeting !

No copies of any of the minutes which will be confirmed at this meeting but maybe public in attendance can get a glimpse before they are signed and sealed ?

An interesting meeting no doubt.

” consider filling the vacant post on the Refurbishment of the Edward Dunn Working Party”  ? Sounds like an official position !  Wonder who resigned, or got thrown off the “working party” ?

Cllr Keith Stringer wanting an identified charity for MTC in the coming year ? No prizes for guessing who he has in mind. 

Breakdown of charges for recent by election – well they could have saved on that by co opting … 😉 

To consider working in partnership with Food Aware to deliver the MTC co op food project ? Hmm…

… and much more !

Not to be missed, 6.30pm tomorrow 

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