Maltby Food Bank – Letter to Kevin Barron, MTC, FoodAWARE

Dear Kevin Barron MP.

 I wrote to Sean Gibbons – Food AWARE CIC, before the opening  of the newly opened foodbank in Maltby. 
At that time he seemed to have the impression that I would be at the “opening” of the foodbank, when in fact I was seeking information about the rationale behind the idea and who is/was involved. 
 My own impression  (and that of others in Maltby) was/ is that there appeared to be an event “opened” by you, Kevin Barron MP, and attended by a select few of Maltby Town Councillors,  as though  people in Maltby needing  a food bank is something to be celebrated. 
Whilst I would agree with and support the idea of subsidies for the needy, there does not appear to have  been a wide spread of information on who will be eligible or how the £2.50 ‘charge’ for the food box has been decided upon. 
I and many other Maltby residents have not had any specific information about the scheme or how the “subsidised limited basis” food boxes will be distributed / sold.  
 I see from the poster that the following are involved/in partnership 
RMBC / Addison Rd Centre
Maltby Lions
Local volunteers and partners
and local newspapers have reported that  eligibility will be on a “local knowledge” basis. 
Local knowledge of who by whom ? 
Who are the ‘partners’ that are mentioned ?
What role does Maltby Town Council take in the running and organisation of the foodbank ? 
Could you therefore clarify the situation described above and that is of concern to Maltby residents and potential ‘recipients’ of the food boxes.
Could you also please inform me and the other residents of your constituency what you are doing / intend to do as our MP to alleviate the hardships of the current economic situation and which questions you intend to put to the Prime Minister in the forseeable future.
I have written to Maltby Town Council, Rotherham Borough Council and Sean Gibbons again, for their explanations.
I look forward to your early reply.
Yours sincerely,
Maltby Resident 


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