South Yorkshire PCC Shaun Wright Supports Website Detailing Misconduct


“A POLICE inspector sacked for shoplifting and an off-duty PC caught travelling in a stolen vehicle driven are among those featured on a new South Yorkshire Police website.

Summaries of law-breaking, professional misconduct and dishonesty by officers who were dismissed or resigned from the force following disciplinary proceedings now feature on the Our Standards section of the force’s online offering.

The site went live this week after Chief Constable David Crompton voiced the need for “openness and transparency.”

Officers names do not feature in the log, which dates back to 2010, but summaries of their exploits are laid bare. 

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright added: “I fully support the work of the Chief Constable in providing details of dismissals due to misconduct.”  “

Great idea Chief Constable.

Perhaps Maltby Town Council and  Rotherham Borough Council  might do the same with their members and officers who have been found “lacking” in their posts in the past ? 

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