Maltby Town Council Events Panel


6.30PM Thursday 11th April 2013

Edward Dunn Memorial Hall, Tickhill Rd, Maltby 


1. To receive apologies for absence

2. To receive Minutes from 14th March 2012

3. To receive any declarations of interest and any disclosable pecuniary interest.

4. To discuss communications received by the Chairman

5. To organise the Events for 2013-2014

6. To discuss Advertising

7. To consider a charity for the year

8.  Future Agenda items

9. Date and time of next meeting.

A very succinct Agenda for this meeting tomorrow. Minimal, in fact.

Maltbyblogger’s Matters Arising from this Agenda :

4. Are all communications to the Chairman since the last meeting to be read out and   discussed, or just a selected few ?

5. Have these “events” already been discussed and agreed on at full town council ?

6. Advertising what, where ?

7. Is the Charity of the Year going to be the one that Cllr Peter Scholey suggested the moment the idea was mentioned and Cllr Keith Stringer wanted to leave the room for as he has an interest in it ?

Hopefully answers to these questions and no doubt many more, at the meeting.

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