Labour’s Quota Woes

Think this is what’s referred to as “positive discrimination”.
There’s nothing positive about it – unless you happen to be in the group that’s ‘needed’ for whatever reason.
As for the Labour party tactics, as ever it stinks !

Rotherham Politics

It has been decreed that further progress on implementation of quotas for women must be made for the 2014 local elections. At least one seat, in each of the twenty one wards, must be a woman, we understand.

This will not be a painless process as there is said to be much resistance from certain of those male Councillors coming up for re-election next year, who may be obliged to ‘fall on their swords’ earlier than they intended.

As is usual in Rotherham, the Labour Party’s instructions have been interpreted differently. Only if a male Councillor retires, will a female candidate be mandatory in Wards where the Councillors are currently all male. Hope that clarifies the position for readers?

To that end a list of women to fill the required number of seats for 2014 has been approved.

Surprise, surprise! One of the five, is Shaun Wright’s wife and who…

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2 Responses to Labour’s Quota Woes

  1. sheepshaun says:

    Stupid. It should be about who’s best for the job and who would best represent the community and its interests. They shouldn’t pick women just for the sake of it, they might be terrible at the job (and in some cases not even want to do it – Donna Lilley being forced by her mother to be councillor, for example), just as a man might be.

    Labour are looking for a candidate for Hellaby in 2014. Jeanette Mallinder to make a comeback (and lose again)? 😉

  2. Precisely, Shaun. But it just shows how those at the top “think”.
    We’ve had more than our fair share of women candidates to get Labour’s quotas up so spare us from yet another attempt in 2014 !
    Can’t see any of Maltby’s Councillors “falling on their swords” though, but I think there’s a possibility that an MP could, to make way for a family member.

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