Foodbank in Maltby “funded by Maltby Town Council ?

 What a surprise I had when browsing through Twitter last night.

This picture


with the caption : John (Mayor of Maltby) holding 1 of r ‘Eat Well Boxes’ being funded via Maltby Town Council in #rotherhamiswonderful  and posted by @HYPERLocalFood.

Now we all know that Maltby doesn’t have a mayor, but a town council chairperson and this picture is of our very own  Chairman of Maltby Town Councill Cllr Jon ” I’ll do anything Labour tell me to” Carratt     (mb’s words in italics)

Maybe just an error in naming him mayor rather than chairman, but what I can’t understand is why, after MTC has specifically said in an email that Maltby Town Council has nothing to do with the food bank in Maltby and yet this tweet says that MTC are “funding” it !

I have just learned this morning from an MTC councillor  that the council have given £500 to the foodbank.

Hmm …

No response from Kevin Barron regarding the foodbank.

No one addressing the concerns of how the “knowledge of local need” will be decided for recipients.

No answers to the question of how and why the sum of £2.50 per box came to be decided on.

No information on who these elusive “partners” are that seem to appear in every council report – MTC and RMBC  etc etc …   …

But let’s throw £500 at it anyway. After all, Maltby Town Council have plenty of money in the bank, to spend however they see fit.

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3 Responses to Foodbank in Maltby “funded by Maltby Town Council ?

  1. HYPER’ is a Local Food/Big Lottery funded project called ‘Helping Yorkshire People Eat Responsibly’ & is delivered by Food AWARE CIC. #HYPER #5aday #Local Food
    Yorkshire ·

  2. anne pleberous (@anteggs49) says:

    ‘Helping Yorkshire People Eat Responsibly’ !!!!! How bloody patronising !!! Can’t catch my breath.

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