Rotherham Respect… Was I there at the start of something big?

Rotherham Politics

First report on yesterday’s meeting of Respect Rotherham, our thanks go to Warren Vale for this:

“Let me start by saying well done to Sarah/Kiran. With alleged shennanigans again over a venue (this time forced to change over fears of rioting if you can believe that – but I’ll leave the details to Respect members to share), Sarah/Kiran and her small team of four managed to get 40 people in a room on a late Saturday afternoon to witness the official birth of Rotherham Respect and that’s no small feat.

Of course we were there to hear from George Galloway, but we’ll get to him shortly. I want to stick with Sarah and her team just for a moment. I’m sure that everyone on this blog realises just how quickly we all lose our ‘innocence’ in politics and it was refreshing to see young people still full of charm and…

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2 Responses to Rotherham Respect… Was I there at the start of something big?

  1. Peace, Justice and Equality.
    Fine sentiments of the Respect party, which as you say Warren Vale, we ‘ d be hard pushed to find anyone, let alone a campaigning political party to disagree. I doubt a tag line of ‘ War, Injustice and Inequality’ would get many/any votes.
    But what about Rotherham ?
    A little short on details especially campaigns locally, you say ? Do they have any plans at all ? Respect’s website mentions supporting worthy causes worldwide, but nothing local. In fact Rotherham is not mentioned at all, which I would have thought would be top news if this is a new era for them in Rotherham. Perhaps they are waiting to be elected before they decide on
    policies for our town ? Don’t think we’ve heard anything of them here since November 2012 election, and they didn’t have much to say on Rotherham then either.
    Just hope we don’t end up voting for the best of the worst when election time for Rotherham comes around.

  2. Wil Ewart says:

    War, Injustice and Inequality sound pretty good to me. Maybe sounds even better to many young people who must feel sick when they see the political leadership of Rotherham, a Labour group that hasn’t the decency to be embarrassed by those leaders, the Poshboys in Parliament, a foreign policy that is destroying the Middle East and Pakistan, the most blatant attacks on the working classes and a political sleight of hand wherein Bankers who stole billions are forgotten and the Tories have gotten round to doing what they like most -blaming the poor.

    Maybe Peace, Justice and Equality sound might fine .to people who don’t see much of them. I’m sure that if recruited they will fill in the local details for Respect.

    Maybe a false dawn, but so much more hopeful better than the backward step that is UKIP/BNP.

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