More on Maltby Foodbank – well, not exactly more … !

Since this last post (link above) there has been discussion on Facebook about the Maltby Foodbank and who is entitled to use it. Some people thought that it was open to everyone and that anyone could purchase a cheap box of food for £2.50.  Why did people think this ?

Because Maltby Town Council has said so.

Now how are  we people of Maltby supposed to understand what’s going on here, when one minute MTC have no connection with it, then the next we have Chairman J Carratt posing for photos holding a foodbox ?  

Then, though no answers have been received regarding where the food comes from, who supplies it and who can “receive” it, Maltby Town Council announces at a meeting that anyone can use it. 

This is not the case.

A Maltby resident very kindly thought that she would like to donate to the foodbank from her own homegrown food. In the process of looking into this she found that (as discussed earlier) only certain people are ‘entitled’ and how this entitlement is shown is still a mystery. 

I understand that a number of people have received/purchased food boxes and it’s about time that we are informed of how exactly this “system” is operating. 

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13 Responses to More on Maltby Foodbank – well, not exactly more … !

  1. Joe Robinson says:

    The food bank is run by a private company, food aware, not MTC. Anyone can purchase a box of food for 2.50. MTC made a donation to food aware of 500 pounds for 250 vouchers for food boxes that will be distributed to those in severe need in Maltby. I hope this clears up any confusion.

  2. Thanks for the comment Joe.
    What needs clearing up is … where does the food come from, who are the “partners” involved and how is the “need” identified.
    I’ve been asking this since before the food bank opened and have had no success with a full reply from anyone.
    Would have thought this should have been made clear to the public before MTC donated any money at all.

  3. Ok, so anyone can purchase a box of food for £2.50 ?
    That makes FoodAware a private retailer.
    How come Maltby Town Council sees fit to donate to a private retail business without any discussion ? Or has there been a discussion and FoodAware’s accounts have been looked at without the public being informed ? Without ALL of the council being informed ?

    To my knowledge, any company/group/organisation who asks for a donation from MTC needs to provide up to date accounts. Or has this system been quietly shelved ?

    Now it seems there’s a “voucher” system.
    How does anyone apply for a voucher ? Who is eligible and who made the eligibility rules ?
    Who decides who is in “need” ? Are these vouchers actual paper ones that are given out and if so who prints the vouchers and how much does that cost ? If the vouchers are more of a “benefit” , what records are being kept and by whom of the distribution ?

    Still more questions than answers here it seems.
    No response from my email to MTC yet. Maybe our MP might reply in the meantime.

    Appreciate your time and commitment Joe Robinson, but I do not expect you to have the answers as the youngest and newest MTC councillor. Just hope MTC are not making a scapegoat out of you. It’s their usual tactic when they are cornered.

    Be grateful for any more info on how the food bank “system” is operating.
    Have you or do you know anyone who has had a food box from Maltby Food Bank – paid for or otherwise ?

  4. Joe Robinson says:

    Food aware is a non for profit organisation not a private retailer. Their partners are by and large retailers who donate food. MTC have bought vouchers (printed and supplied by food aware) to distribute to those in need in Maltby. I don’t have full details on the distribution system to hand (though I have ideas on this myself) as they haven’t been finalised to my knowledge. As you say iv only been on the council a few weeks and don’t know everything myself yet.

  5. Thanks again for your reply Joe.
    My main concern at the moment is that MTC do not respond to my questions and also that it seems the distribution system is in progress BEFORE MTC have decided how to identify those in need ! How does that work ? (that is question not directed at you ! )

    Whether FoodAware are a retailer, private business, “a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise” as stated on their website, or all of these, the full process and details of the system needs to be explained to the public and should have been before the “Food Bank” went ahead.

    Incidentally – why would “a not for profit social enterprise” be distributing leaflets for the Foods Standards Agency ?

  6. maggie says:

    maltbyblogger agree with what you say, why was it not open to the public at the beginning and donating to a profit making company used to be against policy has all money is meant for the people of Maltby, seeing as it come
    s from our council tax

  7. Thanks for the comment maggie.
    According to their website FoodAware are not a profit making company but as has been said, it would be good to see the paperwork to this effect !

    • maggie says:

      thank you for your reply, but before town council have given money to a business and are this FoodAware a registered charity? Will look into it later.

  8. Me thinks it’s time for a FOI request to MTC – legally required to give you the answers you are looking for.

  9. Methinks so too anne – it’s on it’s way !

    • maggie says:

      have looked at this food aware company they are registered as a community interest group, funnily enough all directors except one are aged 60 to 80 the other being 47, They have all held directorships in various companies two of which hold positions at mcp which is a letting agency.but also registered as a community interest group. These food parcels are food which was going to be thrown away so do not think I will be having any. At the end of the day MTC should not have donated money to them as all money has to be spent in Maltby as the money belongs to the people of Maltby, as I have said before they have given to a business on more than one occasion which still went bust. It is time they understood what they should be spending the money on, its time they all had proper training and be made to be fully aware that it is not their money to willy nilly spend it as they want.

  10. Thanks maggie. Interesting info.
    Any more on mcp would be good !

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