Ruffling UKIP’s Feathers

I think we can assume that Taiba who has posted here is Taiba Yasseen, who was /is Chief Executive at Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance (REMA)
(The identical posts are on her Facbook page – that’s where my assumption comes from)
REMA is the infrastructure support organisation for the Black and Minority Ethnic Voluntary and Community Sector of Rotherham.
Their Mission :
“… to support the development of voluntary and community action that is effective, sustainable and brings about positive social change for the BME Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector (VCFS) and communities”
Could it be possible that Taiba is slightly biased in her views ?
Taiba is currently involved in Open Minds Theatre Company and their production of
“Fault Lines : The second generation ”

which is /was showing as follows
21st May 7pm Old Market Gallery, Corporation Street, Rotherham S60 1AN
23rd May 7pm Carlisle Business Centre, Manningham, Bradford BD8 8DB
28th May 7pm Hudawi Centre, Huddersfield, HD1 6BG
30th May 7pm Arooj Shadi Hall, Attercliffe, Sheffield S4 7WZ
Tickets are £8 and £6 concessions and are bookable through 07541475159 or by e-mail to
# just saying

Rotherham Politics

Faultline Picture

I seem to have ruffled a few UKIPees in Rotherham and beyond, yippee! I honestly had not heard so much tosh before based on a narrow view of the world which fails to see its own contradictions, as with most oppressors.

After my last post, supporters of the recently elected Mr Vine’s have been trying to justify their nonsensical shifting position on immigration. Apparently, they are not anti immigration. So that’s why they were proposing a 5 year ban on immigration for settlement? Then their friends in big business had to point out their stupidity: of course our economy needs immigrants!

Do these people not know our British history? Clearly, the 5 year ban had to slip, to allow a mere 50,000 immigrants each year (yes dimness is spreading). Big business is still not happy so now UKIP have to contemplate letting more in! Where will it end? The saga…

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