Kevin Barron MP – reaction to Woolwich attack (whilst on holiday abroad)

“Rother Valley MP Kevin Barron has reacted to yesterday’s ‘shocking’ events in Woolwich, London.

 The MP, who is currently on holiday abroad, said there could be no reason for such an ‘inhuman’ act to take place.A man, believed to be a member of the armed forces, was killed in a suspected terrorist attack in south-east London. Eyewitnesses say the victim, wearing a Help For Heroes t-shirt, was hacked to death by two men who were later were shot and wounded by police. Two men spent the night under arrest in hospital as counter-terrorism police investigate the killing.

Mr Barron said: “This action is shocking, there can be no reason for such an inhuman act to take place.”

“The perpetrators of this must not be allowed to divide our communities.”

The Labour MP said he had been in contact with South Yorkshire Police who were asking that everyone stays calm in the aftermath of the attack.”

From Dinnington Today :

Does this mean he will have picked up his email about tonight’s Maltrby meeting ? I think not.

At least he’s been in contact with Police who are telling us to keep calm.

Can’t get much calmer than being abroad on holiday leaving  your constituents to face the mess that the we are in ! 

Wonder if we can expect a postcard … … … 

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