Is this man for real?

It reflects very badly on Rotherham as a whole, never mind the Labour Party. RMBC is a disgrace and so are many of Rotherham’s Town and Parish Councils. Start at the top and get them all and their inflated egos OUT.

Rotherham Politics

Jahangir ‘Asbo’ Akhtar seems to be revealing more than a little of his true views with this tweet:


The link provided points to a blog called Rotherham Bradford Politics and to this post in particular, Exposing the lies and half truths on Child exploitation.

Rothpol can only surmise that in sharing this post, Akhtar was offering his own endorsement of it’s comments as well as being proud of his own words. His own words can also be found amongst the comments, posted under assumed names.

This would be outrageous enough, if Akhtar were merely a labour member but to have come from a labour borough councillor, currently serving as Deputy Leader and Vice Chair of the South Yorkshire Police & Crime Panel, simply astonishing!

Why is this oaf still on the council?

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