Backing for ‘responsible development’ campaign

From the Advertiser :

A picture of our Kevin under the heading “‘Backing for ‘responsible development’ campaign.

Maltbyblogger’s MP radar on alert here. Was our MP Kevin Barron campaigning with the Save Our Greenbelt Dinnington and Anston Action Group ?

But no, at least not yet.

“Planning minister Nick Boles has written to Rother Valley MP, Kevin Barron welcoming the fact that many of the views  of the group align closely with government policy. The minister also applauded the group for supporting the development of affordable housing to meet local needs.”

Well done Save Our Greenbelt. Hopefully the support of Kevin Barron will be with you all the way on this. We all know that you will need all the support you can get when dealing with Rotherham Borough Council and Anston Parish Council.

Contact http://www.saveourgreenbeltinfo

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