FOI Chris Longley – Day 30 Refusal Finally Arrives!

The ‘Information Governance Unit’ at RMBC have a lot to answer to. No doubt they will find some loophole to prevent any further information from being out in public. But we have to continue to hold them and RMBC to account over this appalling situation.

Rotherham Politics

Day 30 of my FOI Request to RMBC and the refusal has arrived. Here is the full text:

RMBC letter reads thus:

“Dear Mr Longley,

I refer to your recent request for information regarding all the agendas, minutes and reports of all Meetings of the Rotherham Children’s Safeguarding Board from May 1 2005 to May 31 2010, any reports about major interventions by Rotherham MBC in the matter of child safeguarding and reviews by Rotherham MBC of safeguarding children in Rotherham that fall within or refer to the period May 1 2005 to May 31 2010 and the preceding five years.

From 2009 to date, minutes and reports are available on the Safeguarding Board website on the link below:

Where information is not available on the website, the information has been archived and it has been estimated that retrieval of all the information requested would exceed the cost limit…

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