Maltby Active Tots Meeting – Thursday 20th June 7.45pm

From Maltby Active Tots :
Hi Everyone
We will be holding our next group meeting on Thursday 20th June at 7.45pm. I have attached an agenda to give an idea of what we will be discussing. There has been some very positive progress since our last meeting. Things are moving on. Hope to see you there.

Maltby Active Tots Meeting

Thursday 20th June 2013


1. Update of developments from Maltby Town Council / RMBC

i) Land 

ii) Maintenance

iii) Support

2. View and Discussion of Play Area Designs 

3. Items For Consideration 

i) Future ownership of the play area

ii) Future role of the group

iii) Liability

4. Questionnaire

5. Future Planning

i) Door to door consultation

ii) School Open Day

iii) School Questionnaires

iv) Consultation Fun Day 

This promises to be an interesting meeting as maltbyblogger understands that there are already residents opposed to the idea, though the exact siteing of the play area is yet to be determined.

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1 Response to Maltby Active Tots Meeting – Thursday 20th June 7.45pm

  1. Save our green says:

    Some of the proposers of the active tots group would appear to accept that weekly or occasional antisocial behaviour is acceptable, this may be a standard that they are prepared to accept but NOT a standard that the local residents are prepared to accept.

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